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Due to the ageing process, innumerable magnetic tapes from the 1970s, 80s and the 1990s are no longer playable.
This applies not only to 1 inch standards but also to ½ and ¾ inch tapes such as UMatic, Betacam, M II, D3 and many others.

The practice shows that currently AGFA and BASF tapes are particularly affected.
Often the magnetic layer dissolves from the carrier film and smear the video heads.

Another phenomenon is the bonding of the tapes. Since the tape predominantly sticks to the scanner, the tension arms and Audio Heads, the strip tension is massively increased and the tape stretched. In the worst case this can lead to the tearing of the tape.

Many tapes can be regenerated by an elaborate chemical and/or thermal treatment, once played and digitized.
Universal Standards Converter, PH.C
Alchemist Universal Standards Converter, Motion Vector

Tape to File

CMBP offers the digitization of analogue and digital video and audio tapes.
In addition to the MXF IMX 50 file format commonly used by archive broadcasters for SD material, other formats and codecs such as Quicktime, AVI, Windows Media, etc. can also be created.

For the recording of the tape material is a professional capture card from Black Magic Design used.

Currently, the following PAL formats can be processed:

1 inch A, 1 inch B, 1 inch C, D 2, D 3, D 5, D 9, DCT,  Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, M II, U-Matic Low Band, U-Matic High Band, U-Matic  Highband SP, DVCAM, HDV, DV, miniDV, VHS, S-VHS, DAT, MC.

File to File

The recording of NTSC material is currently possible in the formats 1 inch C, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, U-Matic Low Band and U-Matic High Band.

File to File

Transcoding - conversion - file transfer from different file formats to custom formats and containers.

File - Distribution

The delivery of digital files can be done on hard disk, LTO, optical media such as DVD, BluRay and M-Disc as well as via upload.

File to Tape

The transfer of digital SD files is usually done on Digtal Betacam. Upon customer request, the playout can also be done on a different tape format.
1 inch moldy tape
Moldy Tape, 1 inch Standard
Umatic High Band SP
U-Matic High Band SP
Digitizing 1-inch Standard A
1 inch Standard A
The format developed by Ampex
was mainly used in the
industrial and feature film sector.

Digitizing 1-inch Standard B
1 inch Standard B
Bosch BCN 51/BCN 52
The 1-inch B Broadcast Standard
was used by many TV channels.
BTS developed the first HDTV-VTR
BCH 1000 in 1988

Digitizing 1-inch Standard C PAL/NTSC
1 inch Standard CAmpex VPR 80
The 1-inch C Standard was developed by
Sony and Ampex
and has been used by many
video archives worldwide.
Digitizing ½ and ¾ inch Standards PAL/NTSC
Umatic HB, Umatic LB, Betacam SP, MII, D2, D3, D5, D9
DCT, Digital Betacam
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